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Regular Checkups

A lifetime is a long time. Especially for your teeth which have to withstand some pretty rough conditions. That’s life, and all we can do is make sure we look after our teeth, keeping them as healthy and clean as possible.

Your mouth does an excellent job of keeping teeth clean. Although as time passes and tartar deposits and plaque build around your pearly whites, they start to show the signs. That’s why a twice yearly visit to the dentist is so important for anyone who cares about the health and longevity of their teeth. Clinica Nordental Dental, Marbella in Costa del sol will happily provide dental check-ups for kids.

The importance of dental checkups
A lot can change in 6 months, and it’s important that your dentist gets a chance to look at your teeth as much as possible. Coming into Clinica Nordental Dental on a regular basis gives our Doctors ample time to act on any troubles that may currently plague your teeth or possibly affect them in the future. Dentistry services such as Root Canal Therapy or Crowns & Bridges can all be time-sensitive, which means coming in to see the Clinica Nordental Dental team regularly means the best quality treatment and outcomes. Therefore a 6 month dental checkup can save you a lot of pain and money. Having a dental checkup frequency of around 1-2 visits a year is the recommended amount for how often dental checkups should take place.

Tartar can’t be removed with the use of floss or by brushing. If left to grow, tartar can provide the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to accumulate in your mouth. This bacteria can have extremely adverse effects on your gums and teeth, possibly leading to gum disease or even the loss of teeth. Only a qualified dentist can fully remove the tartar and plaque that has built up inside your mouth, giving you freshly polished teeth that feel clean.
What happens during your dental checkup?

Firstly our dentists will want to get to know you. We’ll chat about your lifestyle factors, eating and drinking habits and more. This initial conversation is important because our Doctors need to paint a picture of your oral health. Find out what lifestyle choices can have the biggest effect on teeth here.

This gives our dentists the best idea going in, allowing them to give you the best treatment and advice possible. Each dental checkup gives us the opportunity to assess the changes in your teeth and how our dental team can help you.

Following this consultation, we can start your regular checkup. A general dental checkup from Clinica Nordental Dental will usually include:

A Visual Check
An examination of your teeth, gums and jaw bone, will be conducted. For any new patient, this is a routine checkup carried out on any visit.

Teeth Chartering
New patients will have their teeth charted so that the Clinica Nordental Dental team can view your teeth’s composition during future visits. It gives us the chance to better identify changes and suggest the need for any services such as teeth straightening or the application of a veneer.

An X-Ray
An X-Ray gives us a look at what’s going on underneath the surface. An X-Ray can be used to see if your wisdom teeth are exposing themselves.

Cleaning & Polishing your Teeth
At almost every visit to Clinica Nordental Dental, we will remove any tartar or plaque build up. Giving your teeth a thorough clean & polish. We also use a fluoride treatment on your teeth to help protect them from decay and keep them white.

Whats next ?
Following your examination, our expert doctors will provide you with informative feedback, and recommendations for the care & treatment of your teeth. If you require any additional services as a result of teeth complications, our dentists will provide you with an in-depth consultation. Going over the finer details of any treatment or procedure which may be beneficial for your oral health.

What’s the cost of a dental checkup?
The average cost of dental appointments will vary depending on factors such as the location, overheads and the clinic’s differences in type and quality of service. A dental checkups price may also vary when X-rays, cleaning or a fluoride treatment takes place. The average dental checkup cost without insurance will also vary.